How To Create A Hamptons – Style Home

The Hamptons style home is a classic design that combines modern elegance with coastal chic. The overall look and feel of a Hamptons home is cool, classic, and sophisticated. The exteriors are typically recognised for their gabled roofs, large verandahs, and weatherboard cladding. The Hamptons style interior is usually bright and whitewashed, with lots of natural light, and fitted with timeless design elements that  nod to beachy aesthetics. 

If you are as in love with the Hamptons home as we are, then follow our tips for creating your own Hamptons-style house. 

What is a Hamptons-style home

The Hamptons style home originated in Long Island, New York, and refers to the beach house havens built there by the rich and famous. With influences from classic European design styles and the Baroque, Rococo, and Empire eras, the Hamptons home design is the epitome of laid-back elegance and refined style. 

Think of a neutral colour palette of whites, creams, and taupes with washes of blue to mimic the pristine coastline. The layering of textures is another key feature throughout a Hamptons home, paired with stripes and florals, and natural seaside elements. 

What inspires the Hamptons style house design

With its beachy tones and mix of timeless elegance, the Hamptons style undeniably draws its inspiration from the beach and seaside living, along with French interior design styles

Hampton-style homes are an American version of home design elements from the 17th-century European art periods known for their ornamental and dramatic style of architecture. With a definite emphasis on resort-style living, Hamptons homes are typically designed for a continuous flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, featuring large patios and wrap-around verandahs where you can enjoy the great outdoors and the natural Western Australian landscape. 

How to create your Hamptons-style home

With its laidback style and emphasis on indoor-outdoor living, the Hamptons home style is perfect for the Western Australian climate and lifestyle. Its timeless appeal and understated elegance are why this home style will never go out of fashion. 

Here are the top 4 Hamptons characteristics to incorporate when creating a Hamptons home:

1. Neutral colours and raw textures

Hamptons-style interiors are fresh, bright, and airy. Think of the hues of a sun-drenched coastline – with light swashes of whites, creams, sands, neutral greys, and ocean blues. These colors make the indoor space warm and inviting, attracting natural sources of light and bouncing it throughout the home to create that look and feel of a quintessential beach loft. To complement this neutral colour palette, the Hamptons home style often incorporates rustic elements to welcome that beachy feel. From textured rugs to linen cushions and French provincial-style furniture. 

2. Open-plan living

The Hamptons home design is all about enjoying the outdoors. French doors open out onto a large deck, verandah, or patio space so that you can enjoy lounging outside on comfortable furniture, entertaining guests, and enjoying the sunset with a glass of wine. To take advantage of that coastal breeze, the floorplan of a Hamptons home is typically open plan, with large family kitchen and dining areas and master retreats

3. Ornamental architectural elements

Hamptons style is all about the details. Interior design features include timber flooring, recessed ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and shaker-style kitchens. Outside, a Hamptons home exterior is instant curb appeal with intricate features such as wainscoting, coastal-style weatherboards, gable-style roofs, stately columns, shingles, lantern-style lights, and exterior cladding. 

4. Lots of light

Lighting plays a big role in achieving a Hamptons home. Plenty of large windows and French doors help to draw natural sunlight inside. Curtains are usually suspended by rings so that they can be drawn open during the day to let in as much light as possible. In terms of artificial light sources, dimmable pendant lights, wall lights, and sconces are used throughout the home to provide soft light that can be dimmed for an intimate setting in the evening. Outside the home, polished wooden fans suspended in the outdoor patio space provide a nice ambiance alongside lantern outdoor wall lights. 

Signs you are drawn to the Hamptons-style house

Hamptons-style homes have taken Australia by storm and it’s easy to understand why so many have fallen in love with this home design. 

The first step to creating a Hamptons-style house is to identify whether you are drawn to its breezy, coastal, relaxed vibe. If you answer yes to the following signs, then you can bet that a Hamptons home is perfect for you!

1. You appreciate timeless style. From neutral colours to classic finishes, you instantly feel drawn to a more grounded, rustic palette as opposed to bold, colourful styles. 

2. You love the ocean! Whether you live by the sea or simply love all things beach-inspired, incorporating coastal elements in your home makes you feel zen.

3. You dream of an indoor-outdoor living area where you can enjoy the coastal breeze and entertaining outdoors on balmy, summer evenings. 

4. You are drawn to raw and rustic materials for your furniture and homeware pieces. You may even like to upcycle furniture and often focus on materials made of wicker, timber, hemp, wool, bamboo, and linen. 

5. You prefer wide, open and airy spaces as opposed to more cosy settings. You like to wake up in the morning and be bathed in abundant light as you prepare breakfast.

6. You want a home with instant curb appeal. 

7. You have an outdoorsy lifestyle that sees you spending lots of time outside and making the most of nature. 

8. You want a family-friendly home that can comfortably accommodate guests.

9. You want your home to be your retreat – a place that is relaxing, inviting and carefree. 

10. You are instantly drawn to pictures and visuals of the manor-style homes seen in the South and East Hampton area of Long Island.

Choose the Hamptons for your new home build – Choose Plunkett Homes

If you have fallen in love with the Hamptons-style home and this article has you daydreaming of your own beachy retreat, then let us make your dream a reality.

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Whether you’re looking for a single storey or double-storey house, we’ll ensure that your first home build ticks all the boxes of the traditional, yet modern Hamptons coastal style.
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