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Fresh Flowers In The House – It’s Blooming Fabulous!

9 March 2017

5 ways you can add beautiful living flowers into your home. 

Why not learn how to make beautiful florals the centerpieces of your home? It will help impress guests, serve as visual decorative statements and will also add positive nature-inspired Feng Shui energy into your home.

With so many options available for floral arrangements, you need to make 3 key decisions before deciding on a floral arrangement.

  1. What colour scheme do I want? If your home is filled with neutral tones, you may want to opt for brightly coloured flowers to make the space ‘pop’.
  2. What type of flowers do I want? While Roses are a classic option, you might want something trendier like gerbera daises, poms, water lillys or frangipanis. Or, you could go for exotic flowers like the flower plant, Birds of Paradise.
  3. What is your budget? – The type of flower you choose will help you determine this factor, but there are many creative ways to get the most out of your dollar. For example, many plant Frangipani tree’s in their backyard to pick the Frangipani’s for use as a floral arrangements.

Have fun with it, be creative and keep it simple. Here are 5 helpful ways to match flowers to your interior design.

Flowers help with good Feng Shui too, by integrating nature with your home and promoting positive energy and flow. A living flower wall art decoration can be seen from inside the Vermont Display Home in Clarkson.


1. Flowers with Aromatic Scents

Unscented flowers can be beautiful to look at, but a bit of a letdown for those who want to ‘smell’ the natural perfume of the flower. Consider opting for fragrant blooms that fill your space with a natural, botanically-scented infuser.  It’s also a great alternative for those with sensitive noses who might not be able to stand the common ingredients in scent oils bought from candle shops.

Tuberose and gardenia blooms seen on the alfresco dining table with kitchenware to match. Photo Credit:


2. Hang those Flowers!

Want to add cottage charm to your porch? How about repurposing those old colanders and using them as hanging baskets for your flowers!

It’s a very easy DIY project to do. Simply cut a circle of landscape fabric and put it inside the empty colander (this will keep the potting soil from spilling out of the holes, but also allow for excess water to drain out). Then add some potting soil, but not too much as your roots need to take up some space. Put in your flowers, add more soil where needed, and then give your colander flower planter a little more water and you’re set!

You don’t have to go with just flowers either, you can also make it into a mini colander herb garden outside your kitchen window.

Give hanging flower pots a fun upgrade by planting blooms in colanders. Photo Credit:


3. Oversized Flowering Branches

Fill up an empty space with a towering arrangement of oversized flowers branching out from their vase (a sturdy vase, I may add). This design idea is also referred to as an ‘Eiffel Tower vase flower arrangement’ – quite the apt nickname.

To create an Eiffel Tower arrangement with your flowers, ensure stems remain long. It is suggested to use a vase with clear glass, so the stems are visible and part of the design. To keep the water clear, you could always add a few drops of bleach which helps to purify the water.

A group of Cherry Blossoms seen in this colourful farmhouse-influenced home with gorgeous purple accents. Photo Credit:


4. Masculine Flower-Designing

Flowers need not be just for women, they can be for men too.

When it comes to choosing flowers for a masculine spaces, the trick is to be simple with the chosen flower type, and selective with colour choice.

Rather than opt for daffodils, frangipanis or other deemed ‘feminine’ flowers, how about some native Australian flora that is will inject life into a bachelors’ humble abode too.

A few Aussie flora icons are:

  • Banksia
  • Kangaroo Paw
  • Scarlett Ribbon
  • Bottlebrush
  • Grevillea (Spider Flower)
  • Snap Dragon (Khalissi is not included)
  • Cactus

Give some of these a go to get you started, while focusing on bolder colours like reds, yellow and oranges, rather than pinks and purples.

A full bunch of greenery with yellow flowers adds a nice, contrasting touch to this dining space which features a lot of earthy browns and a bamboo lattice wallpaper. Photo Credit:

For natural bushland inspiration look no further than the Northwestern Display Home. Like the Eiffel Tower arrangement you will need a large vase to ensure they can’t move or fall over.


5. Flowers in the Bathroom

Adding flowers into the bathroom, or ensuite, makes the space look very fresh and very inviting.

However, flowers in the bathroom are not really a common thing, due to people thinking that the small space, low natural light and excessive humidity would kill a growing flower plant.

This makes sense for some flower plants, but not all of them. There are some gorgeous flowering air plants out there that look amazing near the sinks. Orchids, for example, like bathrooms the most because of the steamy moist air, which is a lot like their natural rainforest habitat. Another great thing is, they don’t require much attention either.

An example of a minimalist modern bathroom brought to life with a splash of green on the bathroom bench at the Horizon Display Home.


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