Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Downsize Your Home and How to Go About It

Downsizing isn’t something just for retirees. For any homeowner wanting a lifestyle change, downsizing can be a great option. Let’s get to know downsizing, who it’s for, what are the benefits and how to go about it successfully in WA.

What is downsizing?

Downsizing is when you buy or build a home that’s smaller than the one you currently have. It’s a decision based on lifestyle preferences and it’s a popular trend with those now facing an empty nest, struggling with the upkeep of a large home, or wanting to free up some funds. Some downsizing homeowners are simply eager for a new adventure or change and ‘going smaller’ can mean affording to buy in the place you really want to call home. 

What are the benefits of downsizing?

There are lots of advantages to downsizing your home. These include:

Reduced costs

While it’s not the case for every homeowner that downsizes, reducing the size of your home can prevent you from overspending. Large homes require more spend in upkeep, from cleaning, maintenance and furnishing to mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and outdoor fixes. The costs associated with upkeeping a large home all add up and in some cases can lead to a financially-stretched household with reduced happiness.

Lower energy bills

With a large home, it’s not just upkeep you need to spend on. Energy bills are continuing to climb and the more rooms you have to cool, light up and warm, the more money you’ll be spending. It costs a lot to run a large home and by downsizing you can shave quite a bit off your energy expenses, not to mention your carbon footprint. 

More time

It’s not just money that a large home takes from you; it takes your time too. Continuing to check on your exterior, appliances, heating and cooling, plumbing, security and electrical systems will help prevent breakdowns and keep your home looking its best. Owning and caring for a home is a big responsibility and the bigger it is, the more care it requires. 

Reduced clutter

There’s a problem with space in houses; you have to fill it. No homeowner wants vast expanses of nothing, and furniture, rugs, art and decor all requires money and care. Downsizing is a great way to declutter your home and get rid of anything you no longer need or value. Why not inventory your belongings today to decide what’s really important? Selling these items will provide some extra cash in your wallet too! 

Better location

Once upon a time you may have settled for a location that wasn’t quite right but it allowed you to enjoy a larger home (needed at the time). Perhaps, your desired location has changed? By being willing to downsize, you give yourself access to a broader range of locations. You can move closer to your kids and grandkids, closer to the beach, or in the heart of town where convenience is king. 

A new chapter

Downsizing can be the mark of a new chapter. It can represent a new life in a new home, one that’s free of high maintenance, expensive bills and a tight budget. Downsizing can give you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, freeing up time and money to travel, take more walks on Scarborough Beach and many of the picturesque beaches along the WA coastline andtick off those all-important bucket items. 

Downsizing in WA

Downsizing is not just about moving to a smaller home. It’s also about gaining certain freedoms. Where better to have freedom than in WA?

WA offers clean air, beautiful beaches, wide open spaces and a relaxed lifestyle. There’s no reason to own a home that’s too big for your needs here, as everything you need can be found outside of it. Weekends are for swimming, playing sport, shopping and dining out – not cleaning empty spaces and worrying about housing costs! 

If you’re thinking about downsizing your current WA home or you’re moving to the state to be closer to friends, family and this fantastic lifestyle, talk to the team at Plunkett Homes. We know that less is more when it comes to downsizing and we can talk you through your options. Be it a duplex or house behind house, we know that the best designs for downsized living incorporate:

  • Adaptable spaces that can serve more than one purpose, such as a studio or hobby space that can be easily turned into a guest bedroom when needed
  • Big sliding doors and lots of big windows for light and the feeling of openness
  • Minimal passageways and free-flowing spaces that are easy to furnish 
  • Storage space for the golf clubs, tennis racquets, surfboard and bicycles now that you have more leisure time

We can help you to become comfortable with the idea of downsizing, consider the location you want, write a list of your priorities, decide what you’re willing to compromise on, choose a type of build, work through your financial interests, and create a moving checklist. In other words, we can help you to create the perfect “lock up and go” property – a huge drawcard to downsizing. 

Need more convincing? The McGowan government is also committed to delivering better lifestyle outcomes to its people, investing in facilities, rejuvenation efforts and new developments that foster socialisation, entertainment and living. There really is no better time to downsize in WA. 

Get started by contacting Plunkett Homes today.

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