A Kitchen Scullery Is A Must For The Chef Within

A food revolution has been long brewing in Australia thanks to Aussie cooking shows like My Kitchen Rules. Shows that have entertained and inspired people of all walks of life to have more passion for food and cooking at home.

Want to be a serious chef at home too? When it comes to choosing (and customising) a home design, don’t overlook the details in your kitchen design. At Plunkett Homes, we focus great detail into our kitchen designs. We make sure they not only look modern and stylish but are also practical and functional. We design kitchens that give you plenty of room to move and cook within.

That is why many of our home designs feature a kitchen scullery; a very useful addition to your house plans.

Stylish & Practical

A kitchen that features a large island bench that flows seamlessly into a walk-in pantry, scullery and laundry, as seen in the Northwestern Ex-Display Home by Plunkett Homes.

What is a kitchen scullery?

Essentially, a scullery is like a second, much smaller kitchen, or an add-on to the main kitchen. They are mostly designed to operate as a preparation, cleaning and extended storage area. They are often referred to as the ‘backstage’. They’re a place where you can hide the mess of cooking while the entertaining continues in the main kitchen arena. 

Sculleries can vary in size and scope, from a large-sized pantry to a full-scale second kitchen. A scullery can be whatever you need it to be. The key with designing a scullery lies in understanding how you will most likely use it and the specific functions it will need to performed and on what scale.

Is your kitchen a busy place in the home, with lots of traffic? Adding a generous-sized scullery turns it into a functional spot that can be used by everyone. As seen in the Colorado Display Home, by Plunkett Homes.

Types of Sculleries

Most sculleries are connected to or are an offshoot of the main kitchen. In some of the more grandest of homes you may find a scullery next to the dining room. And yes, there are a few types of sculleries to choose from too.

You could choose to have a hidden scullery. Where you set it up behind a false ‘back wall’ with the scullery entrance in a shared passageway. From the kitchen, these hidden sculleries are essentially invisible. Making them useful for those who want to hide away the mess and mechanics of cooking while entertaining guests.

Another popular type is the walk-in scullery. This type makes it possible to fit a scullery into any space that’s capable of containing a decent-size walk-in pantry. Or if you’re pushed for space, you could always combine the two – which is an effective use of available space.

For those who are limited in kitchen space or are budget conscious, consider having a ‘screened scullery’. Sectioning off an area of your kitchen with a screen or folding door will instantly create a discrete scullery area.

A walk-in scullery is a great place to keep appliances that are in heavy use (but not part of cooking equipment, like the coffee machine) out of way. It’s also is a sensible organisational hub that can store things out of sight. Seen here inside the North Hampton Ex-Display Home by Plunkett Homes.

Benefits of a scullery

There are many advantages of having a scullery, with a key benefit being the extra space.

A scullery lets you expand the size and capacity of your kitchen to cope with cooking larger than usual meals. Sculleries are handy for bigger families with children, or even a couple who need their own space for ‘meal prepping’.

If you are a collector of kitchen and dining paraphernalia, a scullery certainly will allow you to indulge your hobby without cluttering down your main kitchen.

Another fun thing about a scullery is you can be more creative in its interior design. While kitchens themselves are often conservative in their colour scheme, you can be daring in a hidden walk-in scullery. Been wanting to try out a black splashback? – Try it in the scullery!

A ‘backstage’ hidden scullery is useful for those who wish to separate ‘recreational’ cooking from the everyday preparation of family meals. You can get down and dirty with the flour or curry-making in a hidden scullery as glamorous as this. As seen in our Riviera Ex-Display Home in Wandi,

A well-designed scullery can be fun and very practical, adding new flavour to your home life, however you plan to use it.

Who knows, you may even find yourself courageously cooking new and creative meals. And you won’t have to ‘wing it’ anymore! Now that’s something that will surely earn a high 10/10 score from the family judges, right?

Want to create your dream kitchen? Contact us to find out more about our kitchen design options.

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