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7 Ways to Optimise Your Lifestyle with a Home Theatre

25 January 2017

Fortunately, home theatres are no longer just for the rich and famous, because with affordable technology and nifty design ideas, you too can have a true movie theatre experience without overspending and having to leave the home.

Before we get started on what design ideas for your home theatre, here are some absolute essentials you need before you decorate the space.   

  • Big Screen TV and Surround Sound – the bigger, the better. For something different, install a projector and screen for a “Drive-in” vintage vibe.
  • Big, Comfy Chairs and a Plush Lounge is fundamentally important for a home theatre, as the room is all about leisure and comfort. Want that true classic movie experience? Go for a red, velvet lounge.
  • Professional Lighting – while large windows are ideal for the rest of the home, the theatre should have little natural light to avoid glare on the screen. A funky standing lamp should do just the trick.
  • Snacks, a Popcorn Machine, Jars filled with skittles or chocolates on standby – have some food smartly stored and on display to entice family members into the home theatre.
  • A blanket, pillows and rug – all for warmth and comfortability, and as for the blanket, it will come in handy when a scary scene comes up too!

Once you got the basics covered, you’re ready to go! Check out these 7 inspiring ways to optimise your home theatre for maximum enjoyment and entertainment the whole family can enjoy, straight from our various display homes across Perth and the South West.


1 - Get cosier: A rustic and warm design

If you want the screen to be the sole focus of the room, aim for a home theatre that features rustic accents, wooden features, and hues of brown, soft cream and shaded tiles and blinds.

Be inspired by the industrial design trend that won’t go away any time soon, and opt for exposed brick wallpaper or gritty New York apartment style wallpaper to give your home theatre that warehouse feel.

Picked up a vintage treasure chest from the markets? Convert it into a coffee table.  

2 - An elegant and modern design

Transform your home theatre into a space that looks elegant and classy with timber laminate floors, which not only looks good, but is easy to keep clean.

If you are hesitant to try something too edgy, start with the flooring first. Incorporate a statement rug, and then go up from there - add a decorative mirror, showcase candles and add contrasting pillow prints.

But there is one guaranteed way to make your home theatre a modern masterpiece – putting an accent colour or print on a featured wall, which adds interest, style and energy to your home theatre.

3 - Add your personality

Add some personality and fun into your home theatre by simply opting for a brightly coloured plush lounge. It looks great contrasted against white and helps stamp the home theatre as its own unique space in the home.

Don’t forget the walls. Consider displaying your favourite vinyl records, film posters and prized autographs on the wall to add that sentimental touch.

4 - Open, airy and fresh

When people think of home theatres, they may think of dark, dedicated spaces with a big screen and theatre-style seating. However, new trends are emerging where home theatres are integrated into open spaces like the living room or even connected to the alfresco. With window treatments like blinds or curtains, you can easily control the lighting.

You can create a ‘zone’ for your home theatre in an open-plan space with a portable screen divider, beads that hang from the ceiling, colour coding the zone differently, using a distinctive rug to separate the spaces and artfully arranging your furniture. 

5 - The dark side

Bright colours reflect light, and that could be distracting when there’s a brightly lit scene on the screen. Opt for a darker room and wall colour, experimenting with shades of neutral browns, tans, olive, grey and navy blue.

A darker home theatre creates a cosier vibe, and is a popular interior design option for those who like strong, bolder colours in their home.

6 - Bachelor pad inspiration

Do you love a more pared down aesthetic, something a little basic, but dramatic and reminiscent of masculine sensibility? Consider turning your home theatre into a masculine-chic retreat, the ultimate uni-sex destination.

 When properly done, masculine-inspired interiors are slick, minimal and effortless. Stick to the rule of using three colours, be sparing with decorative pieces and keep minimalism in mind for a ‘too cool to care’ vibe that James Dean would be proud of.

7 - A multi-purposeful home theatre

Don’t have space for a home theatre? Consider turning your home theatre into a multi-purpose room to conserve space.

Whether it becomes a man-cave on Sunday when the footy is on, or a fun place for the kids to gather with friends; the home theatre can be a flexible room to suit the needs of every family member.

To design a multi-purposeful home theatre, stick with the interior design basics - an L-shaped lounge, a coffee table, sheer curtains or blinds and carpet will make it an easy room to customise.

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