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5 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Living Space on a Budget

25 January 2017

Want to refresh your interior design without too much effort and money involved for the new year?

Then spruce up your living space with these budget-friendly and decorative ideas, straight from inspiring examples of our very own display homes. Have fun and be creative!

1 - It’s all in the details: accessories, sculptures, clocks, mirrors

Everyone knows the easiest way to dress up a living space is by accessorising it and playing around with its displays. Whether it’s customising a set of shelves, buying new printed cushions, updating the large clock or lighting fixure, hanging up a shiny statement mirror or strategically draping a throw-rug across the recliner, all these little details will add personality to your living space.

Another hot tip: look out locally for crates, boxes and wooden pallets you could recycle and use for your living space. These can make fantastic statement pieces which add a real sense of character into your home. You can easily upcycle these vintage finds by re-painting or varnishing them which further adds that industrial look.

This living space is clean and modern, with all its accessories arranged in thoughtful locations. As seen in the North Hampton.

A throw rug looks particularly effective draped on leather, for that masculine-chic vibe. 


2 - Add greenery into your living space

Plants and greenery are common staples in many homes, and while they are great for decorating homes and adding freshness and colour, they also come with a heap of benefits too. Real life houseplants can help with everything from cleaner air to noise control.

Don’t have the funds or time to maintain real life houseplants? There are plenty of artificial (but still very real looking) plants and flowers out there that you can incorporate into your living space, or better yet, opt for terrariums or succulents like cactuses for a sturdier, reliable option.

Keeping with the minimalist trend, simple but effective plants adorn the dining table for a much needed ‘breath of fresh air’ into this living space. As seen in the North Western Display Home, located in Hammond Park by Plunkett Homes.

Complement your green plants with green accessories in the living space – such as a green clock, or a green statement rug to bring the living space to life.


3 - Upcycle with colour

Rather than throw out an old piece of furniture and buying a replacement, try reinventing it with a burst of fresh colour. Get a pot of paint and create a unique and original item tailored to your own taste and style – it will be cheaper, more fun and far more rewarding.

Other easy ways of changing up the colours in your living space are pillows, decorative sculptures, painting old lamp shades and of course, a new statement rug or wall art!

Pops of yellow brighten this living space, with the featured armchair showing off DIY paintwork.

Pops of blue bring calmness and serenity into this living space, with the chairs’ blue legs coordinating quite nicely with the blue accent wall in the living room. 


4 - Throw in global accents from past holidays

Are you dreaming of your next holiday? Or perhaps you’ve just come back from one. Turn your living space into a global-trend setting destination with décor that is inspired by your favourite trips. Think Moroccan prints, artwork from Bali, colours from Croatia, or Indian Kantha accent pillows.

Better yet, save on buying typical decorative accessories from your local home décor store, and rather instead, bring back something from your holiday to put on display in your home – it’s more personable, sentimental, and is a great conversation starter when guests come over.

Shades of Blue create coastal vibes in this tranquil living space. 

A living space that celebrates so much colour could be inspired by India and Nepal’s annual Holi Festival of colours. 


5 - A new accent wallpaper

An accent wall is the perfect way to break up a large living space or to emphasise a great architectural feature. To begin with creating and crossing an accent wall colour or wallpaper, it all comes down to how much of a dramatic effect you are aiming for. Going for a bold, all of colour is a safe option – but for something more out there, opt for a real-life looking industrial style brick wallpaper for that edgy look.

Concerned about applying wallpaper and it leaving permanent markings? Rest assured, interior design innovation has come a long way since the 1960s.

Removable wallpaper (otherwise known as ‘peel and stick’) is a great tactic to add colour and personality to a space without damaging the walls. Be inspired by this easy trick and incorporate removable wallpaper decal into your own living space to create that ‘it looks so real I can’t believe it’ feature accent wall.

Textured accent wallpaper adds that WOW factor into this living space.

Love the industrial design trend? Good news, it’s not going anywhere soon. Exposed brick wallpaper is very popular, seen in many restaurants here in Perth. Why not add it into your own living space for that rustic, warm and welcome vibe. 

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