5 Reasons Why People Are Moving to the South West

The cool south western region of WA offers a range of different lifestyle experiences. Home to magnificent beaches, lush farmland and mighty forests, the south west has it all. For those not solely focused on the scenery, the south west is home to award-winning restaurants and wineries and the freshest, most delicious produce you can imagine. 

As Perth gets more densely populated, an increasing number of people are setting their sights on a move to the south west where they are greeted with shorter commutes, wide open spaces and a more relaxed lifestyle. With just about a quarter of the population of Perth, the south west runs at a significantly slower pace.

Making the move from Perth to the south west might not be as difficult as you think. The only tricky thing is choosing where you want to live.

Where suits you?

Augusta is situated at the extreme south west point of WA and is a popular choice with nature lovers. It holds the record for the tallest lighthouse in mainland Australia and the rest of the town is just as illuminating. 

Away from the coast, Bridgetown offers a slice of serenity and community spirit, surrounded by lush green karri and jarrah forests. It’s particularly stunning in the colder months when the annual Winter Festival brings the whole community together. 

If sparkling calm water and white sandy beaches is more your idea of a refreshed lifestyle, look no further than Dunsborough. This picturesque coastal town is one of the oldest continually occupied habitats in the world. Located on the stunning turquoise banks of Geographe Bay, Dunsborough would have to have one of the most tranquil and magnificent locations in Australia. Think beachfront cycle ways and walking paths that turn into hiking trails through the regional park along the bay. Think diving, snorkelling, kayaking and other water sports. There are even two golf courses!

Other towns you may consider include:

Busselton: Feel like adding a morning walk along Busselton Jetty to your daily routine? It’s the perfect way to kick off your day in this fun and exciting surfing haven. 

Donnybrook: Full of charm and character it’s home to orchards that produce the state’s best wine and cider.

Walpole: Named after the Walpole River, this small settlement is all about relaxed living. Think fishing and bushwalking when winding down from a day’s work. 

Picked your spot but still not convinced a tree or sea change is right for you? Here are five reasons why you should look past the uncertainty and make the move today.

5 reasons why you should make the move to south west Perth

1. A relaxed lifestyle

If congestion and the hustle and bustle of the city is getting you down, it’s time to get out of the rat race and into a more relaxed environment. Be it on the coast or a little more inland, the south west offers just that. No more bumper-to-bumper peak hour traffic, giving you more time to enjoy life and the great outdoors. The people around you generally feel more relaxed too – a flow on effect for your own health and wellbeing.

2. Sense of community

The smaller the town, the bigger the sense of community. You don’t just go to the butcher in Dunsborough, you go to see a friend and possibly your neighbour too. 

Smaller populations have fewer distractions and therefore tend to focus on relationships more. Before long your face will be a familiar one and with that comes new friendships and a strong support system. If you’re a local business owner, these community relationships is what will see you thrive in south west WA.

3. Stunning beaches

Anywhere you go in WA the beaches are something special. In the south west though, they are truly something magic. Enjoy famed surf beaches or lay back in the protected waters of Eagle Bay – there’s a coastal experience for everyone to fall in love with. If your dream is to live by the ocean, the south west is the place to do it. 

4. The outdoors

The south west is an adventurer’s playground. From prime camping spots to fishing, mountain biking and bushwalking, there are outdoor leisure activities galore. Leave the office and working day behind and you could find yourself swimming in a waterhole with nobody else around. Come the weekend you can fill your days with as much adventure as you can muster. 

5. Affordability

If you have ever wanted to buy in one of Western Australia’s most beautiful regional towns – now is the time. Property prices are on the rise meaning now is a great time to invest. The median house price is less than the prices in the city and you get more bang for your buck too. 

Building or buying in south west WA

Building in WA country towns is now easier than ever before. Building companies that service rural areas such as Plunkett Homes have the opportunity to source trades who are more than willing to travel to outlying areas where local trades are unavailable. Combine this with a growing network of trades who live in south western towns and you have a trade base that will build your home quickly and efficiently.

Sold on your sea or tree change to the south west? Talk to Plunkett Homes who can guide you through the process of finding or building your dream home. There’s never been a better time to get in contact.

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