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16 On Point Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

5 April 2017

Looking for teen bedroom design ideas? Decorating a room for young teens is not the easiest task, but with enough inspiration, it becomes one. Here are 17 ‘on point’ room ideas to get you both started. 

While you are searching the net for teen bedroom design ideas, think about what your teen loves and try to see the bedroom through their perspective.  

Out of all the rooms in the home, the bedroom is a teenager’s escape, so when brainstorming for teen design ideas, remember it is an expression (and extension) of who they are. They also have a different view of a bedroom than an adult – beyond a place just to sleep, it’s where they retreat to from the world of demands, authority and rules.

Perhaps what a teen will most appreciate in their bedroom is versatility. A room that looks good while allowing them to get homework done, enjoy sleepovers, dance to loud music, play video games or sneak the family dog into their bed.  A bedroom that includes functions specific to their age will help them get the most out of the space.

Here are 16 on point teen bedroom design ideas to get you inspired:

1. Star Wars Fan

A bright and colourful Star Wars theme to thrill teens and adults alike! Wall decals of your favourite characters add a dash of excitement to the space, while decorative Star Wars memorabilia can act as effective wall art. Photo Credit:


2. Fresh and Fun

A teen bedroom should be expressive and encourage creativity. Bold, imaginative elements like a hanging chair (or round bed) are great ideas to add into the room! Photo Credit:


3. Gamer Theme

If your teen is into video games, adding some built-in lighting will create a hip atmosphere. Photo Credit:


4. Simple but Girly

Want something girly for your teen girl, but not too over-the-top? Replace pink with a beautiful shade of lilac and stay simple with decorative accessories. Photo: Credit:


5. Hobby Themed

Teenage boys like their bedroom to be practical and comfortable, so consider integrating their hobby into the design to make them feel more at home. Photo Credit:  


6. Add to That White

If the space is all white, consider adding colour, patterned pillows, a rug or fun wall decal to make the room warm, inviting and high-energy! Photo Credit:


7. Chilled with Pops of Colour

Looking for something subtle, sleek and with pops of colour? This design shows the pleasing visual contrast between yellow against black and dark grey. Photo Credit:


8. The Romantic Dreamer

Adding fairy lights across the bedroom creates a beautiful ambience for a girl who loves to dream and write. Add some wall decal quotes onto the wall for instant inspiration. Photo Credit:


9. Tomboy 

For a teenage girl that hates anything girly, opt for a style that is modern with attitude! Painting an accent wall black is a good start to a daring tomboy room. Photo Credit:


10. Interactive Fun

Add a chalk board or white board into the room to boost study time and creative time. Photo Credit:


11. The Minimalist 

A minimalist teen bedroom design will ensure the owner can explore anything inside the room easily, while help keeping the space clean and tidy. Photo Credit:


12. The Studier

A study station is a must-have in a teen’s bedroom. To make everything fit, think carefully about layout and the type of desk that can fit into the space. Corner tables work well. Photo Credit:


13. Dark & Moody

Forget bright and cheerful, how about dark and moody? If your teen enjoys a room that is warm, cozy and darker in shade, go for a look that honours that.  Photo Credit:


14. Bright & Cheerful

A bright and cheerful bedroom is positive and fun to be in, with the colour yellow being a popular go-to choice for instant sun-shining vibes. Photo Credit:

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15. The Wanderlust Traveller 


Help encourage your teen’s sense of adventure with a travel-themed design that inspires them to see the world. Photo Credit:


16. Musical Theme

If your teen has musical talent, encourage them to leave it out on display as they can equally serves as decorative statements in their own right. Plus, it will help keep their creative juices flowing! Photo Credit:

Some Last Quick tips:

  • Plan and divide the room into activity-based zones to make the space feel bigger.
  • Short on space? Invest in multi-purpose furniture, like a flexible bed that can roll back into a couch, a modular bookcase or a bed that has storage compartments underneath it.
  • Self-expression is part of a teen’s life, so have both open and closed storage so they can show off their things (or hide them away) if they like.
  • One of the quickest ways to update a bedroom design is with the walls – go for a removable wall decal or wallpaper for instant fun, or add a poster or painting they like.
  • While teenage boys and girls can certainly have their different styles, don’t be presumptuous in what they want. Some girls may want a blue-themed room, while some boys may want to keep it very simple on accessories and colour.

We hope these teen bedroom designs have inspired both you and your teenager to try something new. Remember, as teens grow, so to, will their bedroom design evolve. So have fun and get creative as you both like!

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