10 On Point Teen Bedroom Design Ideas.

Looking for teen bedroom design ideas? Decorating a room for young teens is not the easiest task. They are growing into a new sense of self and will need a space that can grow with them. Let us help inspire you to create the ideal space for your teens.  

While you scrolling through Pinterest for design ideas. Think about what your teen loves and how they spend time in their room. This will help you create the perfect safe haven.

Out of all the rooms in the home, the bedroom is a teenager’s escape. So when brainstorming for teen design ideas, remember it is an expression (and extension) of who they are. They also have a different view of a bedroom than an adult. Beyond a place just to sleep, it’s where they retreat to from the world of demands, authority and rules.

Perhaps what a teen will most appreciate in their bedroom is versatility. A room that looks good while allowing them to get hangout with friends, enjoy sleepovers, dance to loud music, play video games or sneak the family dog into their bed.  A bedroom that includes functions specific to their age will help them get the most out of the space.

Here are 10 ‘on point’ room ideas to get you both started.

Pinterest Perfect

We are sure during your scrolls you have seen countless images of fairy lights, open shelves and photo walls. These three elements give teens to opportunity to experiment with their styling. Constantly updating their shelves to include their current obsession whether it be plants, pictures or books. Fairy lights create a calming ambiance and can double as a picture rail for teens to peg their favourite polaroids with friends and family.

Fresh and Fun

A teen bedroom should be expressive and encourage creativity. A current trend we keep seeing is an obsession with indoor plants and hanging chairs! Bring the outdoors in with a mix of indoor plants in fun patterned pots to give their room some life. If they aren’t up to the task of keeping their plants healthy you can always opt or some faux plants to get started.  Bold, imaginative elements like a hanging chair (or round bed) are great ideas to add a sense of fun into the room!

Statement Sensation

Create a statement wall with some cladding painted in your teens favourite colour. Is your teen an early rising surfer or a dare devil in the skate park? Find some old skateboards or surf boards and give them a lick of paint to hang on the wall as a creative piece of art.

Mature Moment

Is your teen looking for something a bit more grow up? opt for a less is more approach. Centre the bed in the room and frame with some statement hanging pendants and stylish bedside tables. Finish the room off with a warm floor rug, some fun bed linen, throw pillows and either a desk or vanity.

Makeup Mogul

Lighting is key! If your teens been skilling up in the makeup arena storage, lighting and a good mirror is vital. Make sure you choose a desk or vanity with plenty of storage or add in a few extras sets of drawers to keep their room nice and tidy.

Creative Artist

Steer clear of white walls. Before move in day give your teen a chance to be creative in their own space. Pick some paints get your overalls on and let your teens creative mind flourish. By adding their personal touch to their walls they’ll feel a sense of ownership and pride in their new space.

Wallpaper Wonder

A touch easier than creating your own mural, the extent of wallpaper creations you can choose from online is amazing! Create a Tropical oasis with some palm leaves and jungle animals or a cool coastal scene with blue waves.

Studious Studier

Highschool days can be full of homework and exam study so it helps to have a space to layout the books and get organised. A reasonable sized desk with plenty of storage is a saviour for creating an environment conducive to productive study.  

Musical Performer

Maybe one to think of pre-build is if your teen is an avid performer. Late night rehearsals would be greeted with greater encouragement if your teens room had some solid sound proofing! Be careful when choosing furniture pieces to leave enough space for those guitar solos and drum kits.

Colonel Collector  

Collecting interesting items may be your teens favourite pass time. Football cards, sporting memorabilia, plants, hats, shoes or books. Whatever the obsession ensure you plan out a fabulous storage solution to showcase these items. A photo wall with all their favourite cards or open shelves lined with books can also be a playful and personal art installation.

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