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Save money and time with a turnkey package

What’s a turnkey package and do I need one?

Some people can’t wait to spend their weekends painting their new home, or shopping around for carpets and blinds. Others start running in the opposite direction at the mere mention of paint, primer, or underlay.

If that sounds like you, then a turnkey package could be just what you need.

A turnkey package gives you all the finishing touches that you would generally have to look after yourself when you build a new home, such as painting the internal walls, installing curtains and blinds, and laying carpets in the bedrooms, and flooring in the kitchen and the living areas. Air-conditioning and LED lights are also generally included in a turnkey – or move-in-ready – package.

Even if you’re not planning to paint walls and put up blinds yourself, a turnkey package can be a great idea as it saves you the hassle of chasing around for quotes and coordinating different suppliers.

Perfect for people experiencing building for the first time, a turnkey package is also a good solution for investors as it helps keep the process as easy and as streamlined as possible.

With a hassle-free turnkey package it’s all included in your building contract and the house is move-in-ready the moment the keys are handed over.

All this is included in your turnkey package

Internal Wall Painting
Vertical Blinds
Floor Tiles
LED Downlights

Here are 7 reasons you might want a turnkey package if you’re planning to build a new home:

  1. Budgeting
    With everything packaged together, you can be confident all the major items are covered. No nasty surprises! There’s a fixed price and you can clearly see from the documentation that all the extras are included.
  2. Quality finishes
    Your builder has chosen trusted trades and suppliers to work with so you get a quality finish throughout your new home.
  3. Home loan help
    Some lenders ask that finishing items such as flooring and window treatments are included.
  4. Expert advice
    You can make your selections with the help of your builder’s interior design professionals. Great if you’re unsure about what goes with what.
  5. Peace of mind
    Knowing your home will be ready to move into as soon as you get the keys means there’s less for you to worry about or look after.
  6. Speed
    No need to run around getting quotes or wait for trades to turn up. Your builder has everything under control.
  7. Discount rates
    Builders have access to great discounts and this can mean your dollar goes a lot further. There are usually some great turnkey offers around too, often with added bonus inclusions.
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