Home designs for narrow lots

Why a 10m-wide block could be your best friend

Times are a-changing

What was once feared and misunderstood has become prized real estate. No longer the poor relation, shunned in favour of its bigger, broader cousins.

It is, of course, the narrow lot.

Typically just 10m wide – but sometimes as slender as 6m wide – the narrow lot is having its day in the sun. And quite rightly so. What’s more, its popularity shows no sign of waning as more and more homebuyers seek out narrow lots for all sorts of reasons.

Reasons for building on a narrow block

It's affordable

Buying a narrow block is usually cheaper than buying a bigger block in the same suburb, which means you could get into a premium location you aspire to. If you're a first homebuyer on a tight budget, there are plenty of narrow lots in well-located suburbs close to new amenities, such as schools, parks and shopping centres. Many of our customers have been able to snap up a great house and land deal.

It's easy to maintain

For the lock-up-and-leavers, off in search of travel and adventure, a house on a narrow lot usually means less garden to worry about while you're away and less maintenance when you're at home. Think smaller power and water bills, too. Perhaps the kids have grown up and you're now looking at downsizing? A narrow block could be the answer to your new found home.

I can live the inner-city lifestyle

Big old blocks in sought-after suburbs are being subdivided to create narrow lots that bring people closer to everything they love about the city. Theatre, bars and restaurants, the river, boutique shops and services, festivals and village-style communities. They’re all part of the bigger picture, enticing homebuyers with shorter commutes and easy access to the city lifestyle.

I can live coastal

Homebuyers in search of a sea change are also turning to narrow blocks to get them close to the sea air, surf clubs, beachside walks and coastal cafes.

What about the design?

Ask a good designer to work within the boundaries of a slender strip of land and they’ll give you a home with style and space. In spades. A home that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Gone are the days of very narrow, old-fashioned terraces. They were built at a time before we knew better. 

Our designs raise a sense of spaciousness and are incredibly stylish whilst doing so. We have smart designs to suit lots of lifestyles and lots of budgets. By taking full advantage of every square metre we can ensure you won’t have to narrow your lifestyle one little bit.

Narrow Doesn't Mean Small

Narrow lot designs don’t have to be small. There are plenty of designs with four big bedrooms, a double garage, spacious kitchen and living area, outdoor entertaining space and separation for activities such as study or working from home.

Let the light in

Go big with lots of big windows and raised ceilings to let natural light flood in, pay attention to the principles of passive solar design for year-round comfort, and consider design features such as voids, skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows. Look for spaces that flow easily from one to the other, minimal passageways and nooks and niches that can be turned into IT stations, bookshelves or a reading corner.

Street Appeal

Many of today’s subdivided blocks benefit from their own street frontage, so there’s no need to be a shrinking violet hiding behind the house in front. Today’s narrow lot designs deliver striking elevations with clean modern lines so you can make your own street statement.

Build Up

Opting for a two-storey narrow-lot design is a good choice if you need more than 3 bedrooms, or a study, activity or home theatre. This will allow you to maximise your block to ensure everyone in the family can have their own personal space.

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