My block’s big enough for at least 3 homes

Multi-unit developments made easy

Developing not just for developers

People who never thought they’d become developers can suddenly find themselves embarking on a multi-unit development project.

Often it’s because they’ve been left an old house on a big block of land, maybe sharing the inheritance with other family members.

Ideas are discussed and before they know it they’re talking to us about project assessments, R-Code zoning and townhouse designs or villa configurations.

Other would-be developers have spotted the potential in an old house in their neighbourhood that they’re keen to snap up for ‘land value’. They want to knock it down to make way for a triplex development, or maybe something larger again.

Then there are the developers who look out for development blocks that are cleared and ready to build on, and those who are confident they could knock over their own home and replace it with a multi-unit project.

It doesn’t matter what galvanised these newbie developers into action, the motivation is usually the same.

They want to make money. (Hello retirement fund, zero mortgage or that ultimate world trip.)

One of the simplest ways to undertake a multi-unit development is to work with a team of specialists that can look after both the design and construction phases. This is an especially good option if you’re taking on your first multi-unit development.

Why come to us?

  • Everyone is on the same page from the beginning.
  • You’re engaging one team, not two or more, making for more streamlined communication.
  • Both the design and build are included in the one contract, making it easier to budget from the beginning.
  • The design and construction processes are integrated, typically making for a faster project.
  • A builder specialising in developments will usually offer a free project assessment so you know whether the numbers stack up before you spend any money.
  • A development specialist can help you arrange and structure the finance you need.
  • They also know where the land opportunities are, in areas old and new, if you haven’t secured a block already.
  • One contact person gives you easy access to all the advice you need.
  • There’s often a range of pre-drawn plans available that can be adapted to suit, making for a faster design stage while keeping a keen eye on the dollars and cents.
  • Their buying power can translate to a better deal for you.
  • The team’s first-hand knowledge of construction costs makes it easier to design value-for-money properties that are likely to return a profit.

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