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The benefits of house and land packages

House or land first?

Trying to find the perfect match of house and land can be a bit like playing the children’s card game Snap!

Do you look at land first then hunt down a design to suit? Or do you settle on a design and then find a suitable block to put it on? And then maybe have to make a few changes along the way to make it work?

Neither approach is right or wrong.

But there is a third option that has the potential to make the process easier and get you into your new home sooner.

And that option is to select a house and land package.

Benefits of house and land packages

With a house and land package, all the hard work and much of the running around has been done for you. The design and the block are already a perfect match.

Granted, location will still come into play, but if you’re looking at one of Perth’s best new land estates then chances are you’ll find a house and land package to fit the bill.

That’s because builders like Plunkett Homes are always in touch with Perth’s residential developers, regularly matching home designs to new blocks as they become available.

If land estates are not your cup of tea, Plunkett can source exclusive packages in some of Perth’s most popular suburbs. Perhaps living in Victoria Park, Bayswater or Melville is more attractive to you?

We’re not restricted to just inner city suburbs, our team can also design a house and land package in outer city areas like Chittering, Pickering Brook and Mount Helena.

No more guesswork. No more wondering what’s possible. It’s all been worked out for you – and priced too.


But wait there’s more …

  • The build process becomes streamlined because the design and land have already been matched. And a streamlined process usually means you can get started on site quicker. And move in quicker.
  • You only need to do your finance once. Even though they are separate purchases, you’re buying both house and land at the same time. This means you don’t have to double up on loan applications. Good news for first homebuyers and investors in particular.
  • Having the two purchases bundled together is convenient and offers peace of mind because your builder is organising both.
  • You can shop around knowing you are comparing the total price, with all the inclusions detailed.
  • You can still fine-tune the design, making it your own.
  • Much of the leg-work can be done from home, using online tools to search by location, price and design. Simply browse at your leisure.

We have a large selection of house and land packages on our website, along with filters so you can customise your search by suburb, price, number of bedrooms and features such as a home theatre, study or activity room. You can see at a glance the price of the package and where the land is. You can also view the floorplan and inclusions with a map so you can see what’s nearby, such as schools, parks and shopping centres.

If you can’t find a package to suit, get in touch with us via the form below. Give us your suburb shortlist and the type of home design you’re after and we’ll get to work.

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