I’m a first homebuyer

Tips to find the best designs for first homebuyers

Where to start

So, you’ve made the decision. You’re going to build your first home.


It’s a big step but we know you’re going to nail it.

Now, where to start?

We’ve pinned down our first home experts and put together a list of tips that will not only help you find the best designs for first homebuyers, but they’ll also make sure you get your project off to a flying start.

They’ll help you seek out the most valuable advice and ensure you get maximum value for money, stretching your dollar as far as possible. After all, building gives you a chance to design your own home and include the features that make the most sense for you – and your budget.

Ways to save as a first home buyer

House and land packages

A quick search of our exclusive house and land packages gives you instant access to some of Perth’s best new estates both north and south of the river. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know. We’re talking to developers all the time and new blocks are always becoming available.

Turnkey homes

If you choose a ‘turnkey’ package, finishes such as carpets, blinds and floor tiles will be also be included in the price of your build. Don't forget to look for a standard specification that includes things such as paving to the driveway, path, porch and alfresco to make sure as much as possible is covered in the price of your new home.

Money matters

Set a budget early on

Believe us, this is important. If you’re not sure how to do the sums, our finance experts can do them for you. There’s nothing worse than falling for a new home design or a fabulous block of land and then finding out the numbers don’t stack up.

Be a super saver

Saving isn’t about having loads of cash coming in, it’s about limiting what goes out. If you’ve haven’t got your deposit safely squirreled away already, try making some simple changes to what you spend each week. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your savings will start growing.

Ask about the FHOG

Free money! Well as good as. If you’re a first homebuyer you may be able to qualify for the First Homeowner Grant (FHOG). There’s some fine print and a few boxes to tick (we can help) but you could score $10,000 towards the cost of building your first home.

Shop around for the best home loan deal

Call in the experts (we can help) and ask them to do the legwork for you. They’ll search high and low to find the home loan that suits you the best.

Know how to read the market

If you’re hearing reports of fast build times, low interest rates, great deals on land and great deals from builders then chances are it’s a great time to build.

When you’re ready to build, we’re ready to listen.

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