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How to match the best new home designs to your block

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Fast build times, low mortgage rates, quality trades and irresistible offers – what’s not to like about the idea of building a new home right now?

And if you’re heading to a new estate, you’re likely to find your dollar stretches even further, with some great deals on blocks big and small. And did we mention all the new amenities, parks, schools and shops on the doorstep?

But how do know you’re matching a block to the best new home designs?

Depending on the type of block you’re looking at, you’ll find some designs are a better match than others.   

Along with block width, orientation plays a big part in selecting a great new home design, with main indoor/outdoor living areas generally facing north to the rear or to the side. You’ll also find great designs with forward-facing living areas for blocks that capture all that lovely winter sun at the front.

Quick round-up of key block types

Standard blocks

It used to be the old quarter acre block, but now the ‘standard’ block is about half the size and typically 12-16m wide, with the slimmer proportions making good design more important than ever. Spacious layouts with well-defined zones are popular with growing families building a home in Perth’s up-and-coming new communities. There are many spacious 4x2 designs with an extra living and entertaining area, a kids’ activity area and a home office, in either a single-storey or two-storey configuration.

Corner blocks

Designs that look great from the side as well as from the front provide maximum street appeal on a corner block, while lots of big windows can help make the most of the dual aspect. Many homebuyers look for a corner block as it can offer a greater sense of space and provide more opportunity to bring natural light into the home.

Cottage blocks

Often the most affordable option in a new land estate, cottage blocks demand designs that maximise every square centimetre of space, with a functional, free-flowing layout and minimal passageways. Some cottage blocks have rear laneway access, which calls for a design with the garage to the rear. Cottage blocks are especially popular with first homebuyers and those looking for low-maintenance lock-and-leave options. Front elevations featuring thoughtful detail will maintain that all-important street appeal.

Narrow blocks

You’ll find a good selection of 10m-wide blocks in Perth’s new estates, along with those that are narrower still. Narrow blocks call for innovative design as they tend to be long and thin. Look for design features such as high ceilings, skylights, floor-to-ceiling windows and seamless indoor/outdoor spaces that emphasise space and volume. Two-storey designs are popular for narrow blocks as they effectively double the available area. Designs with flexible spaces also help make best use of a narrow block.

Large blocks

Blocks of around 1000sqm are still available, giving homebuyers plenty of space to stretch out, whether that’s with an imposing two-storey design or a classic single-storey farmhouse design with a wide frontage and sweeping veranda.

Townhouse blocks

Typically built boundary to boundary, a townhouse design can provide everything you need on a block as narrow as 6m. Don’t believe us? Innovative and imaginative, with striking design features, a well-planned townhouse design can take narrow-lot living to the next level.

Find us at Perth's newest Estates...

With the convenience of builders having display homes in many of the new Estates, there's no reason to delay your home building research. Visiting a display home designed for a specific type of block is often the best way to get a feel for how space and layout works, especially on today’s more compact blocks.

With display homes large and small to tour, you’ll be able to sift through the contenders to find a floor plan that works for you and your block.

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