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Getting the most out of downsizing

Sometimes less is more

Are you looking for a low maintenance home, something smaller, or perhaps a house with less zones, bigger bedrooms and more open plan spaces? These are the most common requests when it comes to downsizing.

We downsize for many reasons – kids leaving home, retirement or simply to free up funds for a lifestyle change or tree change.

But, let’s be clear. Downsizing does not mean downgrading.

It simply means you’re ready for something smaller than the house you currently have.

One less bedroom, for example. Less house to clean and maintain. And probably less garden to worry about too. Maybe less mortgage to pay or maybe a lump sum straight into the bank account.

A lock-up-and-leave pad that frees up time and money for other things. Such as travel and hobbies and leisure activities.

Downsizing can also mean a move to a suburb that was beyond your reach when a big family home was needed. Imagine that long-awaited beach house in a prime coastal suburb, or a funky townhouse design on a narrow lot near the city, or a three-bedroom single-storey in a sought-after new estate close to the grandkids.

The downsizers we build for tell us that building something smaller is liberating and they’ve never looked back.

Even those who found themselves building a more compact home due to circumstances beyond their control often welcome the opportunity to clear out the clutter and focus on what they need.

And then there are the smaller bills that typically come with a smaller home. Less money going out on gas, water, electricity and general maintenance.

And that new freestanding home could even be at your current address if your garden is big enough. Subdividing, building a shiny new ‘downsizer’ to move into and then selling off the original house has proved to be a winning strategy for many of our clients.

Design tips when it comes to downsizing


Look for adaptable spaces that can serve more than one purpose, such as a studio or hobby space that can be easily turned into a guest bedroom when needed.

Indoor/outdoor flow

Big sliding doors and lots of big windows help keep more compact homes feeling light and open.


You’ll probably thin out many of your possessions in the move, so chances are you’ll want beautifully designed storage to keep what remains nicely organised and easy to get at.

Open-plan layout

Designs with minimal passageways and free-flowing spaces that are easy to furnish make the most of a more compact block.


It doesn’t have to be a separate room. A retreat can be as simple as a fabulous armchair in the master bedroom. It’s somewhere peaceful for a little alone time.

The Mosaic Collection

The Mosaic Collection is our showcase of 6-metre lot homes built with every design element serving a specific purpose. You still get the low maintenance benefits as with apartment living, but add an outdoor alfresco area, driveway and carport/garage and it becomes a place you can truly call home.

What about apartments?

Apartments certainly have their place in the downsizing mix, but many downsizers still look for the generous outdoor living area and sense of space that only a freestanding home can provide. Apartments have long been a go-to downsizing option, but we are now seeing a new trend – building in affordable suburbs on narrow blocks, with the flexibility to upgrade to two storey.

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