Forget Renovating!

Demolish and build your way to a new home

Love where you live, but not what you live in?

Are you living in a home that's not quite cutting it anymore? Well chances are you've thought about renovating, done your research, worked out the costs and decided to wait for that winning lotto ticket. Well the good news is, there's a better option – demolish it and build a new one!

3 reasons to consider a demolish and build project...


You get to stay in the suburb you love.


It's cheaper! Renovating 100sqm will set you back $300K, which can buy you a new home!


You'll get a brand new home with everything exactly how you want it.

What are you waiting for?

If you'd like to find out how Plunkett Homes can help you demolish and build, simply get in touch with Clem who can help you crunch the numbers with our free feasibility study.

Contact Clem on 0414 488 993 or email

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