I want to demolish my old house and build a new one

How to knock a house down and start again

Ever wished you could keep your address but swap your house for a brand new one?

Or swap it for two new ones? One to live in and one to sell.

It could be a dream come true if you follow the many homeowners who have already gone down the ‘demo and build’ path.

The benefits are huge. Here are just 4 of the biggies:

  • You get to stay in a neighbourhood you know and love.
  • There’s no stamp duty to pay because you’re using land you already own.
  • You’re able to design a home that suits modern living, with all the space, features and modern technology you need.
  • You can maximise your block, unlocking it’s true potential. That could mean dollars in the bank.

Okay, so it’s not as easy as just phoning someone and asking them to send you a bulldozer.

There are permits to apply for and approvals to obtain and services that need to be disconnected and subcontractors that need to be appointed.

And you will obviously need to find somewhere temporary to live while your new home takes shape.

But wouldn’t it be worth it to have the home you want? Right where you want it.

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