Home designs for 6m-wide blocks

Micro lots: What are they and what do I put on one?

"How wide!?"

"Don’t you mean six-teen metres?” we hear you cry!


We really are talking about blocks that are just 6m wide. In other words, the micro lot.


Because the micro lot is here to stay. And it’s making a big impression on Perth homebuyers.

House designs for micro lots fall into the same category as designs for narrow lots, but they have to work even harder. Think minimal passageways, free-flowing spaces and lots of natural light.

The good news is you don’t have to have a custom narrow-lot design to build a home on a micro lot because we’ve done all the hard work for you with our Mosaic Collection of designs perfect for 6m-wide lots.

The Mosaic Collection takes inspiration from cities such as Kyoto in Japan and Oslo in Norway, which are famous for making space count without forfeiting anything in the style stakes.

There are two-bedroom and three-bedroom options, and designs with the living area upstairs as well as designs with the living area downstairs. There’s outdoor space living space, space for study and activities, a well-planned kitchen, and two bathrooms, all packaged together with a stunning elevation.

Here are just some of the reasons why the micro lot is in vogue:

Affordability: A micro lot can get you into your own home for less than you might think, with house and land packages from as little as $350,000. That’s an affordable housing solution for many people looking to jump onto the property ladder. It’s a great option for investors, too.

Good locations: Micro lots can be found in suburbs old and new, putting you close to the amenities you’re looking for, whether that’s in a new estate with new schools, parks and shopping centres, or an inner-city suburb close to work and established nightlife.

Cheaper to run: A micro-lot home usually means less money spent on power bills and maintenance. That’s more money in your pocket because less upkeep means less expense.

More time for you: Think of the time you’ll save if you don’t have to clean and maintain a bigger home.

Stylish: More compact block dimensions usually means micro-lot homes are encouraged to be stylish, with two-storey designs that really make the most of the available space. The need for innovation and clever thinking often leads to features that are big on wow-factor. Designs are forced to be different, with standout inclusions such as voids, super-high ceilings, balconies and thoughtful built-in cabinetry.

Street appeal: Building a two-storey home on a 6m-wide lot is an invitation to design a sharp, modern elevation.

Speed: A home on a micro lot is often fast to build. In fact, you could be in your new home within 12 weeks of signing your building contract. Now that’s fast.

Watch our timelapse video below:

Take a tour inside our Mosaic display homes in Byford...

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