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Plunkett First Choice for Variety Winner

2 June 2017


As the Variety of Choice Home Lottery kicks off for another year, last year’s excited winner has been busy putting the finishing touches to the design of his new Plunkett home.

Student Robbie Hobson couldn’t believe his luck when one of two $100 tickets he’d bought in Perth’s ‘best odds’ home lottery scored him the top prize and the choice of a $1million Plunkett home or $800,000 cash. 

The 28-year-old, who’d bought the tickets because “it was for a great cause, to help the kids”, picked the cash, paying off his car and clearing his student loan before setting aside the majority of his $800,000 windfall to build a new home with his fiancé Terri Wagner.

And which homebuilder did he choose?

Plunkett of course!

He didn’t have to choose us, but then again I guess it’s hard to go past more than 100 years of building excellence, top-notch quality and customer service, and a choice of more than 150 home designs - not to mention our free design service!

Robbie, who is working at Bunnings while studying for his degree in computer science, paid cash for a 600sqm block in Southern River, made a quick call to Plunkett and was soon making plans with Terri for a beautiful new Hamptons-style home.

“We looked at lots of display homes, but Plunkett had the design, the style and the choice that we liked,” Robbie says. “It was all pretty surreal. I still can’t believe it. You sort of have an idea of what you think you’d do if you win, but you don’t believe it will actually happen.”

Customised design

Robbie and Terri sat down with Jeremy Muir from Plunkett who went through some options with them and then organised for them to meet design manager Dave Clynk, who was able to give them everything they wanted with just a few strokes of his pen. By taking the layout of the Modena in Woodvale, which was the couple’s favourite floor plan, and adding it to the Hamptons-style frontage of the New Hampton, Dave soon had their dream home mapped out.

“It was so great that we got to sit down with Dave while he modified the floor plan to give us just what we wanted,” Robbie says. “With just a few changes here and there he was able to put the floor plan we liked with the elevation we liked, and fit in the study that we wanted as well. It looked to us that it would be hard to do, but he moved a few things around on the floor plan and made it look so easy.”

To make some final alterations, they met with Paul Bouwman in the Baldivis display home on the weekends, who was more than willing to help out with their choices.

Style and space

A large home of the more than 330sqm, Robbie and Terri’s new house will boast a home theatre, games room, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, alfresco, big open-plan living space and large U-shaped kitchen with scullery, plus Robbie’s all-important study at the front of the house.

While the study was one of Robbie’s priorities, the open-plan ensuite with its luxurious freestanding bath was one of Terri’s top picks.

“The design of the ensuite with its central bath and open design was all Terri,” Robbie laughs. “It’s been really good designing our own home with Plunkett. The whole process has been really easy and straightforward. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful.”

Construction is set to start in a few months time and the couple, who tie the knot in July, hope to be in their new home by the middle of next year.

“I’m very excited about the new house,” Robbie says. “I entered the Variety of Choice Home Lottery because it was a great cause. I never imagined this could happen. My advice is to just give it a go, you never know what will happen.”

You don’t have to be a lottery winner to take advantage of Plunkett’s free home design service. To find out more register your interest here.

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