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Solid Start for Concreter

Sil Micale’s story with Plunkett Homes dates back to 1976 when, as a teenager, he helped his dad and uncles pour house slabs in and around Perth.

Industry News

Local Tiler Still Flat Out After 30 Years

The homebuilding industry has had its fair share of ups and downs, but Jeff Bainbridge has been kept busy tiling homes for Plunkett for almost 30 years.

Home & Interior Design

How To Future-Proof Your New Home

Depending on what life stage you are at, the term ‘future-proofing’ a new home build can mean a number of things.

Home & Interior Design

Why we build the way we do: Brick vs Framed

You might have heard the terms bricked and framed construction, but how do you know which one is right for your new home?

Home & Interior Design

It Pays To Be Passive

There’s not many areas in life that benefit from being passive, except when it comes to heating and cooling.

Home & Interior Design

Your go-to kitchen design guide!

You’ve heard about the triangle, right? It’s the unspoken rule of designing a kitchen that just works.

Home & Interior Design

What to look for when choosing a new home design

Overwhelmed by choice? Over the past 116 years building for Western Australians we’ve learnt a thing or two about why people build a new home.

Display Homes

Classic Country Home For The Modern Family

Plunkett Homes may have gone back to its farmhouse roots when it designed the Leeuwin, an elegant new country home-style showcase in Geographe Bay, but it was quick to add in some modern surprises along the way.

Industry News

Rental Crisis Heading Our Way in 2019

Our CEO, Tony offers his take on the rental crisis that is forecast for 2019.

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