Knock Down Rebuild

How to reap the benefits by knocking down an existing house to build a new one.

Ever wished you could keep your address but swap your house for a brand new one? Or swap it for two new ones? One to live in and one to sell. It could be a dream come true if you follow the many homeowners who have already gone down the ‘demo and build’ path.

The benefits are huge. Here are just 4 of the our top benefits:

  1. You get to stay in a neighbourhood you know and love.
  2. There’s no stamp duty to pay because you’re using land you already own.
  3. You’re able to design a home that suits modern living, with all the space, features and modern technology you need.
  4. You can maximise your block, unlocking it’s true potential. 

Before your ‘demo and build’ project can commence, we will need to apply and obtain the appropriate permits and approvals. Services will also need to be disconnected and subcontractors will be appointed.

Speak to us today about your knock down and build project and be on your way to build the home you want, in the suburb you love.

The Milan - Plunkett Homes
The Milan – Plunkett Homes