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Geraldton Born & Born

Matt and Aaron both grew up in Geraldton. Locals through and through, they can tell you where the best surf spots are, who makes the best coffee... and what it takes to build a better home in the Mid West. They know that outdoor areas should be orientated with the persistent southerly breeze in mind, that garages need to be wider and higher to accommodate your country vehicle, and that non-corrosive materials are a must. Local knowledge. Another reason why Plunkett build better homes. 

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Q&A with Matt & Aaron

What is ‘Practical Completion’?
Practical Completion is when the scope of works have been completed as stated in the contract documentation. The home is suitable for habitation, but handover will occur at a later date (usually a week), giving the owner the opportunity to inspect their new home, and have any final items attended to.

How big should my kids’ bedrooms be?
Generally bigger is better when it comes to bedrooms, but sticking to budget is important to everyone, so give consideration to how much space you really need. What size will the bed be? Will there be side tables? Room for a desk, or tallboy? Do the kids have an activity room as well, or will they be playing in their rooms? Depending on your requirements kids’ bedrooms should be at least 3m x 3m, but anything over 4m could be space you could better allocate elsewhere. 

What is a Scullery, and do I need one?
A scullery, or butler’s pantry, harks from yesteryear when the kitchen was separate from the living area. With the popularity of open-plan living, this has led to a requirement for some people to have a portion of the kitchen hidden, and is most easily incorporated with a walk-in pantry. If you have plenty of room to utilise, a scullery can be a terrific feature, however a common mistake caused by inexperience is to cram a scullery in where there isn’t enough room. This can affect the remainder of the kitchen design, and lead to a scullery that doesn’t meet your needs anyway. With considered advice, and a great deal of experience in design, we can listen to your ideas, and find a way to design a scullery in your new kitchen that is both functional, and stylish.

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